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Vizzini Social Club Mural

Have you seen Coburg’s latest and greatest mural, at the ‘gateway’ to Central Coburg?

vizzini mural

Funded by Central Coburg Business Association and Merri-bek Council, this piece was brought to life by local artists Callum Preston and Niqui Toldi in collaboration with Vizzini Social Club.

We worked with the Vizzini Social Club to explore elements of regional Italian and Coburg culture and see how they might combine to pay homage to each.

In the top right you’ll see the famous traditional Sicilian horse and cart and elements of its ornate handiwork around the edges of the artwork. The diverse portraits, produce, prickly pear and the coffee are of course synonymous with both areas!

This mural is a part of a long-running CCBA project that aims to reinvigorate oft-vandalised walls and roller shutters in our business district, protecting them against future damage while also lending colour and character to the suburb.

Don’t miss Coburg’s newest piece of art as you drive North up Sydney Road!

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Vizzini Social Club Mural

Have you seen Coburg’s latest and greatest mural, at the ‘gateway’ to Central Coburg?

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