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Central Coburg Business Association

The role of the Central Coburg Business Association is to represent businesses to help promote the growth and development of the retail stores in the Coburg Shopping Precinct. The Committee of Management comprises of representatives from businesses within the Shopping Precinct who volunteer their time to discuss the marketing, promotions and activities to promote the Shopping Precinct; which is facilitated by a part-time coordinator, part-time marketing contractor and part-time business liaison representative.


The role of the Central Coburg Business Association represents businesses in the Shopping Precinct on all matters ‘Retail’. Working together with businesses and Moreland Council, the CCBA strives to make the Coburg Shopping Precinct a destination that offers a thriving shopping strip for the wider community and a diverse multicultural experience.

Central Coburg businesses have enjoyed a marketing fund for the past 25 years. Together with approximately 70 other strip centres in Victoria, these funds allow us to compete better in the marketplace. We make Central Coburg a destination for many. It also gives us a united voice to Council, VicPol and many other agencies.


During Covid the CCBA carefully tended to social media platforms to keep our local audience informed and entertained. Through Facebook and Instagram platforms we share business and community updates, competitions and content campaigns. Digital marketing activations have also propelled our audience to fantastic new heights and we have one of the biggest and most engaged audiences of all the Main Street districts in Victoria.


Where possible we organise promotions and small events around significant cultural and retail days like Christmas, Eid, Easter, Mother’s Day, Lunar New Year, as well as responding to needs and rising trends in the area. We organise fortnightly neighbourhood food tours and produce Coburg merchandise for traders to share with their customers. All promotions are amplified through considered marketing campaigns that include local media buys, PR pitching, out of home advertising, social media spends, influencer engagements, website updates and even cinema advertising.


We are continually looking at improving the presentation of Central Coburg and have an effective anti-graffiti program to keep the area looking clean. There is a comprehensive art program to install murals, exhibitions and other artwork where possible. We also brand and brighten the street by installing themed bin wraps.


During the recent COVID pandemic, we continued to inform and assist local businesses. Vast amounts of information has been distributed we have applied for multiple state and federal government grants on behalf of traders, provided window and floor signage, shared health marketing assets, assisted with QR codes, sanitiser, COVID-safe plans and more.


We keep in regular contact with all businesses via in-person visits, emails, digital and physical newsletters and social media platforms.


Become a Part of Central Coburg

When thinking about where you are going to establish your business, location, community and potential for growth are all key factors.

At Central Coburg we have all three. Not far from the city, we have a direct tram line along with ample parking and customers who walk to their local shops and prefer the convenience of shopping local. A variety of cultures provides a sought-after cultural mix that doesn’t exist in many shopping centres and provides a unique Melbourne experience. Our community is proud of their culture and celebrates it regularly. This gives Central Coburg a unique personality that draws customers in.

Coburg is experiencing population growth and has many educated professionals with young families and an average income well above the National average. Along with all of this, joining Coburg Central will ensure you are supported by Moreland City Council, who are very active in supporting Coburg Traders and the Business Association who have a collaborative Marketing Fund guaranteeing regular promotions and a clean, safe, inviting centre.

CCBA Meetings

Meetings of the Central Coburg Business Association are held monthly on the second Wednesday of the month. They usually take between 1- 1.5 hours and are used to discuss all matters relevant to Coburg.

The Committee members of the Association act as a Board, setting overall directions. The directions are then implemented by the Coordinator, YMP Mainstreet.

Committee Members


Brett O’Riley (Chair)

True North
9917 2262

Caspar Zika

VICSEG New Futures
9384 2533

Leeann Berger

Pictures & Pages
9041 6398

Donna Stoddart

Committee Member
Brotherhood Of Saint Laurence
1300 275 634

Con Pavlidis

Committee Member
National Australia Bank
9353 0400

Anisa Ismail

Committee Member
9386 6441

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Central Coburg Business Association

The role of the Central Coburg Business Association is to represent businesses to help promote the growth and development of the retail stores in the Coburg Shopping Precinct. The Committee...