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I Love Coburg Dunnes Lane Exhibition

The Dunnes Lane ‘I Love Coburg’ Exhibition will has officially been launched.  The exhibition, which sees photographer Simon Aubor partner with Central Coburg Business Association and Merri-Bek City Council, celebrates the warm community of traders in Coburg.

Vinnies Fruits | 377-379 Sydney Rd, Coburg

Sam from Vinnie’s Fruits, Coburg. The man, the myth, the legend.
” When you’ve been here for 30 odd years, you sort of grow old with the customers”

Listen to Sam’s story

T&T Nails and Beauty | Foleys Mall, 6/441-449 Sydney Road, Coburg

Meet TT Nails and Beauty, Foleys Mall, 6/441-449 Sydney Rd
This hardworking team of nail technicians are open every day except Sunday. Why not pop in and try their services?


Zikkies Thrift Store | 428 Sydney Rd, Coburg

Meet Nabila, the store manager at @zikkies_melbourne , a unique thrift store in the heart of central Coburg.

“I spent a lot of time growing up here and it’s a really diverse community”, she reflects, “I think that’s one thing I love most about this specific part of Coburg”

listen to Nabila’s story


Coburg Market Halal Meat and Poultry | Coburg Market, 415- 425 Sydney Rd

Meet Kemal and the team at Coburg Market Halal Meat and Poultry.

Listen to Kamal’s story

Ratna Jewellery | Shop 6/95 Bell Street, Coburg

Meet Ravi Bishwakarma and his family at @ratnajewellersmelbourne . He reckons Coburg will become a ‘jewellery hub’ where you find precious goods from anywhere in the world.

Listen to Ravi’s story

Twin’s Cafe | Foleys Mall, 441 Sydney Rd

Meet Eddie, the much loved owner of Twins Cafe in Foley’s Mall who does the meanest egg and bacon brekkie in Coburg.

“The customers are very, very loyal, very keen, coming back maybe every day. So yeah, we got every reason to keep it on and on, and keep those people happy” he smiles.

Listen to Eddie’s story

Red Carpet Boutique | 374 Sydney Rd, Coburg

Meet Mina, the owner of @redcarpetboutiquexo a dress shop that knows how to capitalise on it’s high profile position on Sydney Road.

“A lot of people say that when they drive past they see the dresses. Because it’s such a busy road, there’s thousands of cars that see our shop every day, so that really helps.”

Listen to Mina’s story

Coburg Medical Centre | 362 Sydney Rd, Coburg

Meet Dr Ashan Mian whose practice is across the road from @zaatarbakery (where she enjoys a coffee from time to time). She also works at Moreland Hall, putting to use her diploma in drug and alcohol counselling to help the local community.

Listen to Dr Ashan’s story

Vizzini Social Club | 322 Sydney Rd, Coburg

Many Coburg locals have wondered what goes down at Vizzini Social Club at 322 Sydney Rd due to the club’s unmistakably huge façade. In fact, Vizzini used to be a theatre. The Grand Theatre opened in 1920. And she was a grand ol’ dame.

Hear Vizzini Social Clubs story

Troppo Print Studio | 503 Sydney Road Coburg

Afghan Charcoal Kebab | 7/457 Sydney Rd

Meet Iffat Sharifi, the manager at Afghan Charcoal Kebab, a unique Afghani restaurant in the heart of Central Coburg.

“It feels great working with family, I really like when like people come to your family, and try food from a different culture”, she says.

Listen to Iffat’s story

The Pie Place | Walkers Arcade, 471 Sydney Rd, Coburg

Meet Justin, one of Coburg’s hardest working traders and owner of family-run business The Pie Place in Walkers Arcade. They do a mean cheese and broccoli pie and their donuts are to die for.

“We have a big multicultural range here in Coburg, and I think that works wonders. Everyone knows each other, it seems. It’s like a small little community.”

Listen to Justin’s story

JMC Computers | Coburg Market 5/415-423 Sydney Road

Meet Matt , the faithful owner of JMC Computers in Coburg Market, a company which locals have been relying upon for IT support for decades.

“We talk, we support each other, we counsel each other and that’s making friends. We are a family oriented business.” he smiles.

Hear JMC Computers story

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I Love Coburg Dunnes Lane Exhibition

The Dunnes Lane ‘I Love Coburg’ Exhibition will has officially been launched.  The exhibition, which sees photographer Simon Aubor partner with Central Coburg Business Association and Merri-Bek City Council, celebrates...

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